Dr. Jeremy Holt
Assistant professor of physics


Professor Holt received his PhD from Stony Brook University under the supervision of Gerald E. Brown. He pursued postdoctoral research at the Technical University of Munich and the University of Washington in Seattle, where he is an affiliate professor.

Prof. Holt studies the structure, phases, and dynamics of strongly interacting matter through the low-energy realization of QCD, chiral effective field theory.

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Dr. Yeunhwan Lim
research associate


Dr. Lim received his PhD from Stony Brook University under the supervision of Jim Lattimer. Before joining Prof. Holt's group, he did his postdoctoral work at Daegu-University and Institute for Basic Science. 

His main research area is nuclear physics involving dense matter. He is interested in nuclear equation of state for core-collapsing supernova explosion and neutron star merger. He is also working on finite nuclei properties using nuclear energy density functional.

Alex Fleming
Graduate research assistant


Alex Fleming began his graduate studies at Texas A&M in 2016 and is currently working on one-dimensional simulations of core-collapse supernovae.